Flee The Facility Wiki

The Survivor is one of the roles a player can become upon joining a round. Anyone who is not chosen to be the Beast will become a Survivor. Survivors have a miniature version of a hammer and a gemstone on their back.


The Survivors must work together to hack computers and escape while trying to avoid the Beast and rescue captured Survivors. They have only 15 minutes to escape, and the amounts of computers available and required to be hacked scales on the number of players in the server.

(2 Survivors - 4 computers spawn, 3 required to be hacked)

The miniature hammer and gem on a Survivor's back.

(3 Survivors - 5 computers spawn, 4 required to be hacked)

(4 Survivors - 6 computers spawn, 5 required to be hacked)

Once the required amount is hacked, two exit doors can be opened. Once they are opened by the Survivors, they will stay open until the round ends. If a Survivor passes through an open exit door, they will escape, returning them to Camp Lapis.

If a Survivor is hit, they will "ragdoll" for about 27 seconds. They cannot move, however they can "flop" around to escape, or stall the Beast


  • Able to crawl. This allows Survivors to make a quick getaway through vents.
  • Able to jump without consequence.
  • Able to switch between first & third-person perspectives.
  • Able to hear the heartbeat and later music of the Beast, and to view the glow emitting from the Beast's gem.


  • Unable to fight back against the Beast.
  • Footsteps and jumping can be heard by the Beast.
  • Dependent on other Survivors to rescue them from Freeze Pods.