Flee The Facility Wiki

The Survivor is one of the possible roles in Flee The Facility, the other being the Beast. Anyone who is not chosen to be a Beast will become a Survivor. Survivors have a miniature version of a Gem and a Hammer on their back.


The goal of a Survivor is to escape the facility while avoiding the Beast. Survivors must hack the Computers randomly spread out throughout the map in order to unlock the two Exit Doors. As the Beast is faster and has more abilities than a regular Survivor, players must use their surroundings to their advantage, such as:

  • Vents: The survivor has a special niche as being able to crawl through small spaces; the beast cannot do this. Therefore, use this to escape. It is not recommended to camp there as it is still possible to be hit. Using vents constantly will make a Survivor very predictable and the Beast could take advantage of this by tricking the player into thinking that they are somewhere else.
  • Jumping: Whenever the beast jumps, they have a cooldown of around 2 seconds, causing them to move very slowly, less than half of their normal speed. Survivors can take advantage of this and jump into a window and then hide in another room.
  • Hearing the Beast: A Beast has a loud heartbeat that can be heard, and intense music when they get especially close. This serves as a warning to the Survivors that the Beast is nearby.
  • Seeing the Beast: The Beast has a Gem that emits light. If for any reason the game sounds are turned off, the bright light (especially visible in dark maps) also warns a Survivor.
  • Invulnerable Spots: Some of the maps have spots that prevent a player from being able to be hit. This can be exploited, although it is not entirely impossible to be hit (a Beast can still hit a Survivor under a table in Abandoned Prison or the stairs in Facility 0, but this is difficult). However, staying there the whole game will still cause the Survivor to fail and lose the round.
  • Doors: Players are able to open doors, which takes a few seconds, and close them, which occurs immediately. Survivors can take advantage of this and close a door in a Beast's face, therefore hindering them for a few seconds.
  • Knocked down: The survivor can get knocked down which lasts for about 20 seconds. If the Beast does not find a capsule fast enough, the player can jump up and run away. A meter, much like the hacking progress one (see Computer) shows on the bottom of the screen, telling the player how close they are to getting up.
  • Fish Flop: If the player has been knocked down, they can still rapidly press the jump button and the arrow key in the direction they want to go in order to fish flop away from the beast. This is pretty useful as the constant movement tries to prevent the beast from putting the rope on the survivor.
  • Capsules: The place where Survivors get captured whenever the beast hits them and tries to freeze them. They will have a little blue UI on top of them showing a humanoid figure in a capsule.