Flee The Facility Wiki

Maps are areas where Survivors and a Beast spawn to play the game. When a game begins, the Survivors get a 15 second head-start, after which the Beast spawns and the Survivors have 15 minutes to hack the computers and escape. The map played on is voted for in the Lobby.

Current Maps

Map Name Creator(s) Summary Release Date Image
The first map ever created. Easy to navigate and good for beginners, and with a recent update, it now has a slight blue fog effect. It also has a different type of room that emits bright white light everywhere, It is one of the least realistic rooms in the game, possibly hinting at deeper lore for the likely inhuman beast. Jul 1st, 2017
Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 4.57.15 AM.png
Abandoned Prison
This map is, as the name implies, a prison that's been abandoned. The map is dark and can be difficult to navigate for beginners. With a recent update, it now has a green fog effect.
Sep 10th, 2017


Abandoned Facility
This map is, quite evidently, a facility that has been abandoned.The map has a different design for its Cooling Chambers, unlike the other maps. The map does not have any cabinets to hide in, unlike the rest of the maps. Because of its large size and many BaseParts, it has a tendency to lag and have occasional framerate drops on older PCs and especially mobile, due to them having a slower processor. However, it handles well on Xbox and newer PCs. With a recent update, it has a black-greenish fog effect.
Nov 19th, 2017

A part of the Abandoned Facility map.

This map has a more unique design compared to the other maps due to its openness. It takes after a dark and ominous homestead with fewer hiding spots, severely beat-up houses, a barn, and a small hedge maze. The Exit Doors are designed differently; they are much larger, and when opened, they open from the opposite side. It has a various amount of designs for the doors and lockers, and has laptops instead of desktop computers. This map is based off of a real homestead that is owned by MrWindy's family. [1] It now has a brown fog effect. It is also one of the best maps for the beast to win in because of how open it is with little terrain.
Oct 18th, 2018


This map was introduced for the 1 Billion Visits update. This map was worked on for seven months. It was announced on May 10, 2019 by MrWindy, before arriving on September 14, 2019. This map takes place inside (and partly outside) an airport, complete with a (non-functional for the time being) airplane. This map has a wide variety of rooms, from restaurants to server rooms, from airplanes to offices. With a recent update, a blue fog effect was added.
Sep 14th, 2019
Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 4.46.50 AM.png
Library drainhp This map was introduced for 2020 Halloween. Construction of the map began in 2019.

This map is about a medium size. It is one of the biggest 2 level maps. It has two main libraries each spanning both floors, and a number of smaller rooms surrounding them. The accesses to the other floor are stairs in each library, stairs surrounding a broken one-way elevator which is located near the exit downstairs, and stairs on the other side of the downstairs exit.

Oct 26th, 2020
Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 4.44.03 AM.png