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The Hammer is the Beast's weapon, and is used to knock out Survivors, allowing the Beast to drag them to Freeze Pods and trap them. To swing the hammer, all the player needs to do is left click on PC, press the right trigger on the XBOX, or tap on the screen on mobile. A new player starts with the Default Hammer, which cannot be traded. The Hammer cannot be removed from the player's avatar, along with the Gem.


Skins are different patterns/themes of Hammers. These skins are cosmetic, and do not change the gameplay in any way. New skins can be bought in crates or bundles. If a Hammer crate is bought, the player will receive a random Hammer. Some Hammers are only obtainable during certain events. Obtained Hammers can be found in the Inventory. A player can have up to ten duplicates of the same Hammer.

Each Hammer has a rarity: Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. Bundled Hammers and the VIP Hammer (only obtainable by buying the VIP Pass) are Legendary, while the Cash Hammer (only obtainable by donating Robux to the developers) is Epic.

New Hammers are usually added as part of events (like Christmas and Halloween), though occasionally as year-round items.

List of hammers








St. Patrick's Day

Anniversary Bundles / Sci-fi


The unobtainable Testing H which was removed from the game.

  • At an earlier point in time, the Beast could irreversibly drop the Hammer by pressing the Backspace key. This was fixed later on.
  • Certain Hammers will never come back, and are only obtainable by trading. These are: 1 Billion, 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Anniversary, 4th Anniversary, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • MrWindy said the Sci-Fi Crates that were available during 3rd Anniversary wouldn't come back in future anniversary events, but they were brought back in the 4th Anniversary event.
  • Before the 3rd Anniversary update, there was an unobtainable Testing H which was hacked in by someone and duped around July 15, 2020. This hammer was deleted from the game in the 3rd Anniversary update, and anyone who had the item in their inventory had it removed.
  • During the Halloween event when the Hunter sets were added, the hammers had "Eye" instead of "Hunter" in their names.
    • The Alchemist Hammer's icon also had the gem in it in the inventory and Collector's Guide.
  • Each time the Beast hits a Survivor with their hammer, it will cause them to stop for a couple of seconds before they can swing again. This prevents the Beast from spam-clicking, and makes it easier for Survivors to escape the Beast.
    • The movement restriction can be bypassed if they use their runner ability and hit a survivor right before the ability wears off