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A Gem is an item used by the Beast. Every player has a gem, but in the game, it is only used by the Beast. It gives off light corresponding to its color. This is helpful to Survivors, letting them know if the Beast is very close. A new player starts with the Default Gem, which cannot be traded. The Gem cannot be removed from the player's avatar, along with the Hammer.

Skins (Colors)

Skins (or colors) are different colors and/or patterns of Gems. They give the Beast different colored lighting. New Skins can be bought in crates or bundles. If a Gem crate is bought, the player will receive a random Gem. Some Gems are only obtainable during certain events. Obtained Gems can be found in the Inventory. A player can have up to ten duplicates of the same Gem.

Each Gem has a rarity: Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. Bundled Gems and the VIP Gem (only obtainable by buying the VIP Pass) are Legendary, while the Cash Gem (only obtainable by donating Robux to the developers) is Epic.

New Gems are usually added as part of events (like Christmas and Halloween), though occasionally as year-round items.

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St. Patrick's Day



  • Certain Gems will never come back, and are only obtainable by trading. These are: 1 Billion, 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Anniversary, 4th Anniversary, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • MrWindy said the Sci-Fi Crates that were available during 3rd Anniversary wouldn't come back in future anniversary events, but they were brought back in the 4th Anniversary event.
  • During the Halloween event when the Hunter sets were introduced, the gems had "Hunter" instead of "Eye" in their names.