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Freeze Pods (also called Cooling Chambers, Freeze Capsules, Tubes, or Incubator Chambers) are machines that allow the Beast to capture Survivors after they have been knocked out, and slowly freeze them to death.

How to Use

When a player is captured, a message will be broadcasted to all the other players.

In order to use a Freeze Pod, a Beast must have knocked out a Survivor and have them tied to a rope. When a Freeze Pod is next to the Beast, the Beast must press [E] (X on XBOX) for the Survivor to be placed in the Freeze Pod. Players captured in a Freeze Pod will slowly lose health if the Beast is at a reasonable distance away. The survivor eventually freezes if nobody comes to their aid. Once frozen, however, if the Beast knocks out another Survivor, they must find another pod to freeze the Survivor, as the frozen Survivor remains in the pod until the game ends, even if the player left the server. If the last survivor is captured inside a Freeze Pod or if all the other survivors have escaped, the captured survivor will be frozen instantly, regardless of their health.

Escaping the Pod

When the Beast captures a Survivor, a message will be broadcast to all players, stating "[Survivor's name] was captured" in red text, and a blue, pixelated icon that looks like a person inside of a Freeze Pod will appear above them until they freeze completely. They must be saved by another Survivor if they want to escape. The other Survivor must press [E] while standing next to the Freeze Pod to free the captured Survivor. Once a Survivor is free, they cannot regain any health, and if

This is one of the frozen icons that shows up when your frozen. All of your teammates can see it so they can come and rescue you.

they're recaptured, they will continue to lose health from where it left off. Once a Survivor is fully frozen, they will cease moving, their skin will turn blue, and a message will pop up saying "[Survivor's name] is frozen" in blue text, indicating they've been captured and cannot be freed.

Losing Health

If the beast has captured a player in a freeze pod, that player will only lose health if the beast is far enough away (Most likely so that the player that has been captured, has a higher chance of being rescued or to prevent camping). Once a player starts losing health, they will not regain that health, and if they are captured once again they will continue losing health. Once a player has lost all of their health, they will become Frozen and a message stating "[Player's username] Has been frozen"

Once you're frozen, you will return to the loading area where you will have to wait for the round to be over.