Flee The Facility Wiki

Flee the Facility is a ROBLOX game created by MrWindy. The game is in its Full Release stage, and has gained heavy traction. The game is known to be greatly inspired by Dead by Daylight.

Roles, Objectives & Gameplay


Between each round there is a 45-second intervention in which players can explore the lobby and vote for one of three maps by stepping on the appropriate plate. Rounds can take up to 15 minutes, and at the end of each round all players are shown how much XP and currency they were awarded according to how many specific actions they accomplished while playing the game. XP goes towards the level system, which does not signify much besides how much time a person has played Flee the Facility. Currency can be used to purchase crates containing various cosmetics to use in place of the default hammer and gemstone, and these cosmetics can be traded using the Trade Hub which can be accessed through a tunnel on the right side of the lobby.


Max survivors per game: 4

The goal for survivors is to find and hack 5 computers (or fewer, depending on the number of players) and unlock the exits doors to escape while avoiding the Beast.
Survivors can also help captured survivors by freeing them.

When the Beast is nearby, Survivors will see a glow (color depends on the cosmetic gemstone equipped by the Beast) and hear the "Horror Race" soundtrack with a fast tempo as well as a faint heartbeat noise. The sounds from the Beast will drown out any other noise from things such as keyboard clicks while hacking computers, and for this reason is quite easy to detect if the Survivor has their sound settings turned up to a reasonable level. Survivors must stay away from the Beast, as one hit from his/her hammer is enough to temporarily knock the Survivor out while the Beast drags them to a cryogenic chamber to wither away. However, other Survivors are able to rescue trapped Survivors by walking up to the chamber and pressing E, which will instantly release them and stop them from taking more damage. If the Beast is camping, the Survivor will stop taking damage until the Beast goes away. However, they will still keep the initial damage as a downside.

The most XP you can get as a Survivor is 700 and the most coins is 48c. Saving - 100XP, 10c, Escaping - 300XP, 20c, Hacking- 50XP, 3c per computer.


Hacking a computer is done by walking up to a keyboard around the computer and pressing the E key, which will initiate the process and can be tracked by a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Some popups will occur while a computer is being hacked (signified by this sound), and in this instance all Survivors that are hacking the computer must press E when the red line on the circle moves over the white space to avoid encountering an error.
If at least one Survivor fails to close the popup at the right time, the Windows XP error sound is played while the computer screen will turn red and an icon will temporarily be displayed above it. This red icon can also be seen by the Beast, which means encountering errors can give away the locations of Survivors.
Once a computer has been successfully hacked, the screen will turn from blue to green and the 'Computers Left' counter will decrease by one. Green screen means the computer is successfully hacked, blue means it's not finished or nobody found it and red means a player failed and abandoned it.


Finally, when all 5 computers have been hacked, Survivors must go to one of two exit doors on either side of the map and initiate the opening process (if the door is not already opened) by walking up to it and pressing E. This produces a very loud grating sound which is audible by the Beast, but once the exit door has been opened, the Survivors can simply walk through and win the round.

The Beast

Max Beasts per game: 1

The goal for the Beast is to find Survivors and capture them by using the Cooling Chambers before they escape. The Beast has many advantages that assist in this task.

The most XP you can as the beast is 800, 200 per player frozen and 15 coins for each player, 60c in total.


There is a glitch that can occur where the Beast ends up holding their hammer in the default downward arm position, rather than the usual 90 degree raised position. The hammer also ends up moving in the same motion in which the arm moves back and forth in a radius motion in usual walking. Basically saying, they don't hold their hammer up. It just ends up being attached to the end of their hand. However, they can still swing their hammer, and it will settle back to the same glitched position after swinging.

There is another glitch where the game does not register the collision of a player against a wall for a split second, and the player ends up walking into the wall. However, the game then registers the collision immediately, rendering the player stuck in the wall.

If a Beast is dragging a player who is lagging (pretty badly), the game physics will register the person being dragged as being constantly teleported short distances. If the player being dragged ends up “teleporting” inside the Beast's body, the game physics will try to sharply push them away, sometimes throwing the two apart so fast that the Beast is knocked through walls(this happens too fast to see the two being thrown apart, it appears to the eye as teleporting). The Beast then ends up in a room different than the one the Beast was in an instant ago. The game still registers the lagging person as being dragged, so the lagging person “teleports” to somewhere near the Beast, or this can happen when the ragdoll hits a wall while being dragged.

If a player somehow manages to fall out of the map during a round, they will be teleported into the main room.

If two players press E at the same time at a computer they both hack the same computer keyboard at the same, one behind the other player. Sometimes when you fail the computer glitch you can break the computer, putting yourself and other Survivors in a harder position to win.

On very rare occasions, the Beast can spawn without its hammer. This is basically a free win for the Survivors (unless the Beast leaves), but the Beast can still use its runner.


  • The game's icon background color corresponds with the current in-game season. (Autumn/Fall/Halloween is orange, Christmas/Winter is blue, and Spring is green, but the game is no longer recieving updates for the time being, due to MrWindy having college, which is why the game is still Christmas/Winter themed even as of May of 2021.)