Flee The Facility Wiki

The Crystal Cove is a small cave in the Lobby. It is located at the far left when you exit the cabin.


The Crystal Cove contains a hollow interior in which the walls are composed of crystals and stone. In the middle of that interior is a small Spleef area with a flat and thin wooden frame surrounding the white, gray and black thin tiles which that in appearance resembles a spider. The tiles disappear when players step on them, revealing the water below that they can view if they fall into the water or if they had successfully stayed onto a tile once it had disappeared. The tiles will then reappear shortly after a few seconds has passed. Players then can use the ladder to climb back up if they fall down.


  • It was closed and blocked before its announcement.
  • It originally was a popular source of most glitches, as crawling through the entrance caused you to teleport into the cove before teleporting you into the game, causing the game to glitch out and leave you in the lobby. As of an unknown date, it has been patched.
  • This place holds a memorial for MrWindy's game: Cave Spider.