Flee The Facility Wiki

Computers are stations located around maps. Survivors must hack a certain amount of computers (varies on the player count on the server) to unlock the Exit Doors.


To hack a computer, a Survivor needs to position themselves in front of a keyboard that is near a glowing blue/red computer and press [E]. The player will start a typing animation, and a progress bar will appear. While hacking, a Skill Check will appear occasionally. Failing to calibrate the Skill Check will "blow up" a computer. When this happens, an error sound will play, a fail icon will appear, everyone hacking the computer will be disrupted, and the screen will turn red.

Up to three Survivors can hack a computer at a time, which will make the progress bar go faster, and will also make Skill Checks occur less frequently.

The icon that appears over a computer that received a failed hacking attempt.

The computer screen will go green once the hacking process is finished.

Fun Facts

  • The computers use Windows XP sounds as the operating system alerts. This may imply that the facilities are old buildings, adding to the obvious deterioration and abandonment of the maps.
  • The computers on the Library map use older "CRT" displays, rather than the other maps' more modern LCD displays.
  • The Homestead computers use laptops instead of desktops like the other maps.
  • Players can still hack an extra computer even if the doors can be/are opened for extra EXP and credits.