Flee The Facility Wiki

Computers play a vital role in Flee The Facility. Survivors must hack the number of computers equal to the total number of players (including the beast) in the map to unlock the two Exit Doors. There are always two extra computers on the map (e.g. if there are 5 computers to hack, there are 7 computers total) - this prevents the Beast from attempting to camp the last computer. Progress on hacking the computers shows at the bottom-middle of the screen.


To hack a computer, the Survivor needs to get in front of a computer and press [E]. The player will start a typing animation, and a progress bar will appear. Note that there will occasionally be a black circle with a section of white and a red line, as well as an 'E' in the middle (aka. a Skill Check). When this happens, the player needs to press [E] immediately when the red line is inside of the white section.

If the player doesn't press [E] on time, they press it too early, or if they don't press [E] at all, the player will stop hacking and an error sound will play. The screen will also turn red, and a red pixelated pop-up that looks like a person standing next to a computer with an 'x' over them will appear over the computer, which will be visible to everyone located anywhere on the map for a short period of time (about 20 seconds), meaning the Beast can easily find your location. However, a player can simply resume hacking at any time.

Up to three Survivors can hack a computer at a time, which will make the progress bar go faster, and will also make a Skill Check occur less frequently. Completing a hack will make the computer screen go green.

When this circle appears, press E when the red line touches the white spot. If you miss the computer will show a red icon that everyone on the map can see including the beast.

Computer Locations


  • Middle Room: Up to 2 computers can spawn in this room. Both computers spawn up the stairs on the opposite sides of the room as each other.
  • Server Room: A computer can spawn behind one of the server blocks in the back of the room.
  • Blue Rooms: A computer can spawn in each of the 2 blue rooms, both attached to the back tables in each room.
  • Purple Room: A computer can spawn in this room, next to the wall near the door.
  • Gray Maze Room: A computer can spawn in this room, next to one of the gray walls near the bottom right corner. Note that there is another gray maze room that is much smaller and is near the blue rooms. This smaller gray maze room does not have a computer spawn in it.
  • Cinema: A computer can spawn in this room,on the top of the stairs in the back.
  • Conference Room: A computer can spawn in this room, in the top right corner near a vent.
  • Gray Conference Room: A computer can spawn in this room, attached to the table in front of a window.
  • Office: A computer can spawn in this room, in the back center cubicle.
  • Small Conference Room: A computer can spawn in this room, near a door on the top right corner of the room.

Abandoned Facility

  • Main Central room: If you go up the 2 escalators you can be greeted with a computer, however this is risky to attempt to hack due to the lack of escape options if you get caught.
  • Unspecified Small Room: A small room near the main center room hosts 2 electric towers, a desk, and 2 chairs with a possibility with hosting a computer as well, this room and has 1 door and vent.
  • Abandoned Storage Room: It hosts many rusted shelves with varying degrees of decay with a computer and a vent.
  • Abandoned Server Room: Contains abandoned electric towers with a door, a vent, and a computer.
  • Science Lab: A computer could spawn right next to the window and a door, making a attempt at hacking very risky due to there being no other escape option.
  • Lounge Room: Rusted sofas litter this room as well as 3 vending machines with a chance of a computer spawning near one of them.
  • Conveyer Room: A dilapidated conveyer belt and a few boxes are present in this room. A computer might spawn at the far corner of this room near the base of the conveyer belt.

Abandoned Prison

  • Main Jail Room: In one of the corners of the room, a computer could spawn near a open jail cell with a vent.
  • Game Room: Hosts a stickball game table as well as a chance of hosting a computer.
  • Unspecified Office Room: A computer can spawn right next to the window. This room hosts a few tables and chairs along with a small server room.
  • The Outdoor Gym: A computer might spawn at the far end of the gym
  • Canteen: A computer might spawn at one of the corners of the cafeteria


  • Server Room: The server room can be accessed via a ramp that goes up to it or via a open doorway form the outside. In the back of the room hosts a vent and possibly a computer
  • Lobby Reception: A computer might spawn next to the wall near the security checks and under the catwalk.
  • Catwalks: A computer could spawn where 3 catwalks merge, this location is risky since the beast could spawn very close to here.
  • Cubicles: The back part of the central separate can contain a computer next to the staircase.
  • Jet Bridge: Outside of the map near the Garage is a green Jet Bridge, a computer could spawn here as well as a freezer nearby
  • Garage: A few cars currently host this room along with multiple large walkways, a computer might spawn here next to a vent offering a safe escape route.
  • Storage Room: A computer might spawn near the 2 doors of this room. ( also note, this room is under the cubicles
  • Staff lounge: Right next to the garage and under the Server room, another computer could spawn near a few hiding closets.
  • Unspecified Holding Area: A computer will spawn near some hiding closets. This room is also close to the cubicles and the lobby reception computer. Due to it's vulnerable location however, it's recommended to keep the cubical room door open then hide near the vent.


  • Main Library: The computer was spawned near the exit, so that you can hack it and escape easily. But beast could also spawn there or near there.


  • The computers use Windows XP sounds as the operating system alerts. This may imply that the facilities are old buildings, adding to the obvious deterioration and abandonment of the maps.
  • Sometimes there's a "broken computer" glitch, where if you try to hack a computer with a red screen too quickly, only the typing animation happens and the typing sound won't come; the screen stays red and the progress bar doesn't appear. Before the recent update, when there was a broken computer, it gave the Beast a chance to camp the last working computer. However, to fix that problem, MrWindy added an extra computer.
  • The computers on the Library map use older "CRT" displays, rather than the other maps' more modern LCD displays.
  • You can still hack an extra computer even if the doors can be opened for extra points.
  • Computers are green when fully hacked, red when broke, and blue when unhacked or still being hacked.
  • A out-of-bounds computer could be seen if will wall hack without getting kicked. near a black wall. which is the facility map. used for spectating