Flee The Facility Wiki

Camp Lapis (also known as the lobby) is the area where players spawn and spectate, and where frozen Survivors spawn after they are fully frozen. Players will also vote for the next map that they would prefer.


The Lobby is a forest with tall stone barriers surrounding it, with many trees and stones are scattered around. A small log cabin is in the middle of the Lobby, which is where players spawn. A waterfall and a river separate the cabin and the voting stand. The end of the river is an entrance to Crystal Cove, with torches on the right and left side of its entrance. You can also visit Trading Post from the lobby if you are Level 6 or upwards.

During Halloween, the grass color changed into orange, so does the trees. The cabin is decorated with different Halloween gems. Jack-o-lanterns can be seen throughout the lobby, and the sky is dark. The water is colored neon green. The music changes, as well.

During autumn, it has similar changes, however Halloween gems and jack-o-lanterns are removed, and the sky becomes lighter. The default music returns as well.

The secret arcade room underneath the cabin.

During Christmas, the grass is covered by snow, along with the trees, rooftop, ect. There are also large snowballs that roll around along the ground, and certain snowballs can be used to get onto the cabin rooftop. Presents can be seen throughout the map, and some of the trees have christmas lights wrapping around them. The waterfall and river are turned to ice, meaning the player will collide with the ice, rather than go through them. The music changes as well.

During winter, it has similar changes, however the presents and christmas lights change. The defualt music returns, as well.

During spring, the grass is light green, along with some of the trees being pink. Small flower patches can be seen as well. The music does not alter.

During the summer, the grass is dark green. There aren't significant changes other than that.


  • Behind the house, there is a path that the player may access by crawling which leads to a secret basement, containing three Polyus arcade machines, a singular light bulb, and papers scattered all over the place. Some contain text, some contain an image.
  • A short obby is above Crystal Cove that leads to a taller area .
  • Sometimes a glitch occurs, when too many players join a server in a short span of time, causing some of them to spawn on the roof of the cabin.