Flee The Facility Wiki

The Beast is one of two possible roles in Flee The Facility. One Beast is chosen every round, and the other players become Survivors. The Beast must capture all Survivors in order to win the game. When the Beast is selected, they are teleported to a small room separate from the map for fifteen seconds, which is the head-start time for the Survivors. The room has several wooden planks strewn across the floor, and a podium with a Cooling Chamber on it. A torch sits on each side of the podium, lighting the room, and "CAPTURE THEM ALL" is written on the wall behind the podium and on both sides of the chamber. On the right side, "ODEECD IHTS RKSEUCS" is written. It is presumed that when unscrambled, it translates to "DECODE THIS SUCKERS", which is most likely a joke.


The Beast needs to capture all of the Survivors by knocking them out with their hammer and freezing them inside the freeze pods, which are placed around the map. The Beast currently has one special ability named "Runner", allowing them to speed up by pressing Q on PC and Y on the Xbox version. The downside to "Runner" is that jumping becomes disabled.

However, there are lots of disadvantages to being a Beast. The current major disadvantages are:

  • Locked in a first-person perspective.
  • Losing speed while jumping or whacking a player (The Beast rubs the hammer across their arm when they hit a Survivor, lasting for about 3 seconds).
  • Unable to crawl.

The other item the Beast has is the Gem, which appears on the Beast's chest. It emits a light that allows other players to see where the Beast is. The Beast also has a loud heartbeat that can be heard from a reasonable distance, which grows louder the closer the Beast gets, until it turns into chase music, which plays when the Beast is extremely close.